Nailtronic Commander is a "smart fingernail" which allows users to perform gestures by simply touching their fingers to their thumbs.  The main advantage of the device over similar devices is that it leaves the fingers haptically unencumbered.  This means the user can simply forget he/she is wearing the device until a gesture needs to be performed.


Nailtronic Commander is a ubiquitous computing device ideal for cases in which a small set of gestures need to be performed infrequently  but quickly.  Examples include answering a call on a bluetooth device, controlling an Augmented Reality device, changing the channel on a TV or driving a PowerPoint presentation.


Nailtronic Commander Maker Kit

This product will allow makers, hobbyists, and early adopters to develop user experiences featuring Nailtronic Commander device.  It will be compatible with both the Arduino platform and the Raspberry Pi.  

Nailtronic Commander PC Interface

Nailtronic Commander PC Interface is a USB dongle which interfaces wirelessly with the Nailtronic Commander.  It will allow users to map keystrokes to gestures performed 


Nailtronic Commander Bluetooth

Nailtronic Commander Bluetooth is a device which will pair with both your Bluetooth headset and your mobile device.  It will allow you to control your existing bluetooth device without the need to install any apps or software.